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What is reflected in the super practicality of portacabin office:

Strong environmental protection: The integrated box house does not require hard-bottomed pavement, which can completely ensure the application of land for re-cultivation, not easily cause damage to vegetation, and can maintain the green ecology to a greater extent; 95% of building materials can be used repeatedly, Very conducive to the maintenance of the environment.

Flexible assembly: large-scale production and manufacturing, modular design assembly, can be completely hoisted according to the overall, generalization and composition, and can be superimposed on modeling design, with a full sense of contemporary art.

Economic development and convenience: ready to use, short construction cycle time, the construction of the house, the water and electricity in the room and the various requirements and equipment specified by the customer before the product is produced, at the initial construction level Reduce construction time by 50%.

Durable: The integrated box-style house needs to be compressed with various aluminum materials as its skeleton, with reliable overall compression characteristics, and flexible control module connection, which can absorb part of the kinetic energy of earthquake disasters, and is not easy to collapse to death. The seismic resistance level up to level 9 is suitable for areas with frequent earthquake disasters.

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