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K-Home provides complete mining site office for customers, including the complete decoration of interior wall, including floor, door, window, network security, lighting, socket, switch, exhaust fan, air conditioning space, which can be used as construction site office at any time, clean, beautiful, safe and convenient.
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Usually, customers require the portable office cabins to have accurate and attractive appearance and high-quality interior decoration, because the office is not only the image of the company, but also the place where employees spend a lot of time for their whole life. Of course, they also want to maintain a comfortable and pleasant environment when performing their duties.

The product is a container house with light steel as framework and sandwich board as enclosure material, which can be disassembled and assembled quickly. The process is simple, all components are produced by the manufacturer, just lift and bolt the upper surface. Install the column and install the office cabins of doors and windows.

Transportable site office features:

* The service life exceeds 20 years.

* Modular components, 90% of the factory's processing is completed, need simple tools such as wrench, screwdriver and so on.

* Easy and quick installation, 4 experienced technicians / 6-8 20-foot container houses / day.

* Can be freely combined into horizontal and vertical spaces.

* Flexible design, 1 bedroom with bathroom, 2 bedroom unit, container kitchen, container toilet, container office and other plan options.

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Mining Site Office

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Minitary Temporary Housing

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