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Khome are a trusted Manufacturer & Supplier of portable mobile house. The portable mobile house are comfortably designed with long service life.
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Whether it is a temporary construction site or a field operation, the container movable house can often be seen, which is inseparable from its various advantages.

First of all, the standard mobile house, as its name implies, is active, mobile, and convenient to transport. Some construction companies often need to change the work place. If it is an ordinary movable house, it needs to be disassembled, but if it is a container-type movable house, it is not needed. Pull it directly with the car and change to a place.

In addition, container mobile homes are also very secure. Because they are almost all processed with steel materials, they have good shock resistance, which can prevent deformation in accidents and is excellent in firmness.

Due to the rigor of the production process, container mobile homes often have a fairly good sealing capacity to cope with wind and rain. Its movable chassis can be processed according to requirements and prepared into a variety of required space, whether it is a kitchen or a dormitory.

The probability of using container mobile homes in construction sites and other places is now greatly increased, and its flexibility and sex are important reasons to help it get popular.

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