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K-home Portable Conference Room have the following configurations
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K-home Portable Conference Room have the following configurations:

(1) Internal introduction of the portable conference office room: 2 built-in LED lights, 5 sockets (one of which is special for air conditioning) have been pre-installed, all of which can be safely used only by connecting the external connector of the office box with the external main power supply. The interior is fully decorated, with external electricity, built-in air conditioning, electricity, lighting, tables and chairs, which can be used immediately.

(2) site requirements: if combined use is not required, the site does not need foundation treatment, even the mud floor can also be placed in the conference room, the room body is transported to the site and put down, access to external power can be used immediately,

(3) convenient installation and disassembly: standardized components are easy to install and the production and installation period is short, especially suitable for emergency projects or other temporary projects.

(4) Environmental protection and conservation: the house is designed rationally and can be recycled for many times, with low loss rate, no construction waste and no pollution to the environment.

K-home portable conference office room is engaged in the production/sales/leasing of container activity room. Our company also undertake various areas of the site production, processing, installation of container activity room project. Includes: activity room, guard room, rental and sale activity room, insulation container activity room, warehouse, garage.

If you plan to buy a conference office, please choose Henna K-home.

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