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The reason why Khome porta cabin is used as temporary office dormitories by more and more builders is mainly because of the unique advantages of Khome porta cabin: the use of materials is environmentally friendly and pollution-free; the construction period is short, dry construction, and zero waste at the construction site. Low noise, little damage to surrounding residents and environment. At the same time, 90% of the porta cabin materials can be recycled and reused, which greatly saves developers' use costs.
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We K-Home porta office cabin are made of galvanized zinc steel frame and new fire wall material as main materials, paint, waterproof glue, etc. are used as decorative materials, and the main components are connected by electric welding; the main structure includes fire-resistant sandwich top plate and galvanized zinc steel frame, bottom Frame steel frame, fireproof sandwich wall panel galvanized steel frame, door and window, circuit system, etc.

Advantages of porta office cabin 

1. Structure,light steel structure forms its skeleton system, which meets the requirements of building structure design specifications and is good

2. Convenient hoisting. The components are easy to install, and the installation period is short. It is especially suitable for emergency projects or other temporary projects.   

3. Beautiful appearance,he overall appearance of the house is beautiful, the interior and exterior are all colored decorative steel plates, with bright color, soft texture, flat surface, coordinated design and color, and good decoration.   

4. Environmental protection and conservation,The house is designed reasonably, can be recycled for many times, has low loss rate, does not produce construction waste, and does not pollute the environment   

5. High cost-effective housing materials, reasonable price, one-time investment, can be reused, used as building materials, can greatly reduce the amount of building structure and foundation works, short construction period, low total project cost and comprehensive use cost , Has a high cost performance

6. Strong activity performance, the overall life span is 15-20 years   

7. Complete specifications, wide range of uses, strong interchangeability, high strength, low thermal conductivity, sound insulation, heat insulation, and good seismic performance

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