Modular Sites Office Container

The container office is a new type of container house. Compared with ordinary mobile homes, its appearance is more beautiful and personalized. Although it is made of steel, it has been painted and designed to create a variety of different appearances. Most of them are used as temporary offices, but some people use this feature to build a variety of unique commercial houses.
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Our Modular Sites Office Container is mainly made of galvanized steel frame and new firewall board material and is decorated with paint and waterproof glue. The main structure includes fireproof sandwich top plate and galvanized steel frame, bottom frame steel frame, fireproof core Wallplate galvanized steel frame, doors, and windows, circuit system, etc.

Our Modular Sites Office Container is based on the packing container house as basic material and has been transformed into a house with windows and doors. This kind of packing container house is commonly used as a dormitory for workers at construction sites, and it is also used as a rental house. It is durable and easy to build.


It is easy to transport and move, and the mobile home is suitable for being located on hillside, hill, grassland, desert, and riverside. It does not occupy space, the construction area can be variable, the movable room is hygienic and clean, the indoor facilities are complete, the stability and durability of the movable room are strong, and the appearance is elegant. Designed according to customer requirements, exquisite and elegant, good thermal insulation performance, warm in winter and cool in summer, most of the structure of the mobile house is completed in the factory, you only need to install it locally.

container office
Modular Sites Office Container

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