Modular Portable Office Buildings

The movable office container can be moved quickly at any time. If you need, you can move it as a whole without any disassembly. If you need to move many containers at one time, you can also disassemble it and then assemble it again when it arrives.
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The Modular PORTABLE OFFICE BUILDINGS are developing in the direction of integration and integration.

Modular PORTABLE OFFICE BUILDINGS are divided into small, medium, large, and extra-large according to scale. There are low-level, multi-level, high-level, and super high-level according to the number of floors. There are centralized and decentralized according to the overall layout. In addition, according to the plane form, structural modeling, and materials used, it can be divided into several types. If divided according to the plane transportation organization form, there are inner corridor type, outer corridor type, double corridor type, and no corridor type (large space flexible partition) and so on.

The composition of the Modular PORTABLE OFFICE BUILDINGS varies according to the scale and specific requirements. The modular integrated office building in China generally includes three parts: ① office and a meeting room. ②Auxiliary rooms such as toilets, electromechanical equipment rooms, canteens, auditoriums, and warehouses. ③Entrance hall, walkway, elevator, and stairwell, etc.

Transportation convenience:

1. The size of each standard module is 6055mm long, 2435mm wide, or 2990mm wide. Ground transportation is not super long and wide.

2. The corner positioning of the box refers to the ISO corner positioning of the ocean shipping container. It can be transported with a standard container truck and can be used as a lifting point during installation.

3. 1 unit 40HQ shipping container can load 13 units our standard container house




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