Modular Offices Building

The standard size of Khome prefabricated modular units is 5950mm * 3000mm * 2800mm, and the width is optional 3000mm / 2435mm. The frame color can be selected from white gray, red and blue. Based on the traditional container, its steel frame, drainage system and roof system have great advantages, reducing the installation difficulty and saving installation time.
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Product Details

Modular foldable container size: width 3 * length 6m * height 2.65m

Frame structure: The overall frame profile is a high-frequency welding machine-secondary molding, all splices are designed with up and down bite, excellent sealing, wind and rain. The profile base is thickened with 2.5 galvanized materials, the base profile is 27 cm, the column width is 16 cm, the top

The beam profile is 19 cm wide, and the frame contains the base rows, and the folded height is 40 cm.

Advantages of folding office:

Convenient for transportation and storage, thickened base, corrosion resistance, stable structure, seamless splicing design, no need to glue the box, strong sealing performance, safe and efficient, enlarged and widened profiles, solid atmosphere, repeated folding and repeated Use, life span is more than 15 years, good quality and environmental protection!!

1. Transportation advantage-_ 40 centimeters after folding, saving more than 80% of transportation costs, breaking the limitation of traditional container can only be pulled-set by one car. Folded containers can be loaded by 7--10 sets (17 meters) 20 sets of flatbed vehicles can be pulled).

2. Export advantages-tailor-made export container size of folding room, 40-foot container can hold 10 sets of folding box room, compared with other box-type room export, it saves transportation cost and high manual installation cost. Satisfy all customs quality inspection conditions, on-site quick training

It has been used for more than 15 years and has been recognized and favored by international friends all over the world.

3. Safe and efficient-the installation is convenient and fast, the front and rear end plates are pushed inwards, and the waist is folded in the middle. During installation, the personnel can enter the box and push it outwards,--pull molding, quick check-in, saving time and effort.

4. Strong sealing performance. -_Folding place can be seamlessly spliced with buckle design, it can be weatherproof, the frame of the box is made of aluminum, and the appearance is simple

5. Stable structure --- reject the defects of large roughness, deformable damage, and labor-consuming caused by the splicing of many traditional welding materials.

steel structure

container school-7

container school-8

container school-10

container school-11

container school-12

container school-13

container school-14

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