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Advantages of the modular design

The concept of modularization solves the conflicting goals of the construction industry of being able to offer products that can be customized while at the same time being cost efficient. In terms of cost-effectiveness, this results in advantages over conventional construction methods in terms of cost, time, quality assurance and flexibility.

Higher cost efficiency:Industrial prefabrication enables customer-specific construction projects, which account for less than half of the production costs compared to conventional construction site production. The cost reductions also result from the direct integration of customers into the value chain and from the modularization of product and production.

Reduced planning costs:By reusing modules once planned, planning costs incurred by highly qualified personnel can be reduced.

Lower material and logistics costs:In production, the bundled procurement of building materials realizes purchasing advantages and thus saves further costs.

Savings through customer preferences:Further savings potential results from the fact that for most customers the internal flexibility of the house is more important than the exterior. This means that parts from the outside can be standardized rather than parts from the inside.

Lower investment and maintenance costs:Both investment costs for machines and systems and maintenance costs are reduced in modular production.

Increased productivity:The use of largely standardized components enables the acceleration of product and production start-ups as well as the increased use of robots.

Quality assurance:Modular house construction scores particularly highly in quality assurance in production and on the construction site. The use of market-ready and proven modules increases the quality of the production processes and at the same time reduces the susceptibility to errors. In addition, a comprehensive, integrative design avoids errors that occur in conventional house construction by coordinating the various trades at different times and locations.

Time savings:Prefabrication allows construction sites to be completed faster and more efficiently. In addition, the dependence on the weather decreases. This makes construction time easier to plan and shorter overall.

Flexibility:The products are optimally scalable due to the modular production and can be flexibly adapted to the needs of the customers.

Gaining market share:The combination of individually scalable houses at favorable conditions provides modular house construction with a product attractiveness that allows it to gain additional market share.


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