Modular Demountable Building

Modular Demountable Building can not only have modern design but also can be moved to different location and use recycle.
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1. Highly prefabricated and short production cycle. Khome modular demountable building is designed and produced in the factory and assembled on the construction site. The production cycle is much shorter than traditional building, and the manufacture process of every component is under control and supervises, meaning we can guarantee higher quality for clients.

2. Low cost. Every component is produced in the production line, so the production efficiency is high and the cost has been reduced.

3. Widely application. This prefabricated building can be designed as office, accommodation, restroom, bathroom, kitchen, gym, laundry and other different use according to clients' needs.

4. Strong structure and long service life. This mobile home has good performance on fireproof, soundproof, earthquake resistance, and wind proof. According to different building codes, this prefabricated building can be used as temporary or long-term building.

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