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A key part of any construction site is the office. K-Home make it easy to get a high-quality mobile worksite offices for projects of every size. The mobile worksite offices on any construction site is the hub of the whole operation and making sure it is the right size and in the right location to best serve the project is imperative. K-Home can provide advice and guidance on getting it right, based on our many years of experience. We are committed to customer satisfaction and working with our clients to ensure the best possible results each and every time.

All we K-Home mobile worksite offices consist of insulation, electricity, windows, and steel doors. These features separate them from the shipping container, allowing for more convenient accessibility and replicated comfort of being inside a normal room. In addition, we offers two or more containers to a big house, then you can divided mobile worksite offices into two parts, providing the beneficial aspects of both office, toilet, living space, ect.

mobile worksite office1

mobile worksite office

container school-8

container school-10

container school-11

container school-12

container school-13

container school-14

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