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Mobile container offices Advantages:
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Mobile container offices Advantages:

First, the transportation is convenient, and it is more suitable for the unit that frequently changes the construction site.

Second, the Mobile container offices is strong and durable, all-steel structure, stable and strong, and good seismic performance. It has the ability to resist deformation, good sealing performance, and strict manufacturing processes so that this mobile home has good water tightness.

Third, develop personalized art using the characteristics of personalized creation. Make it personalized, in line with personal characteristics and pursuit.

Fourth, the Mobile container offices is based on a standard steel chassis, and a large amount of combined space can be derived. Such as conference room dormitory, kitchen, bathroom, etc., the standard width is 2.4 meters, the height is 2.2 meters, and the length is 4 meters to 12 meters.

Fifth, it is easy to assemble and disassemble, the performance is better, and the weight is light. The house is a monolithic structure with a frame and steel walls inside. It can be decorated with wooden boards. It can be moved as a whole and can reach more than 20 years.

Sixth, the Mobile container offices are of good quality and low price and can be reused. Recycling a waste container can save 1.7 tons of steel and 0.4 cubic meters of wood and reduce carbon dioxide by 3.49 tons. If 100,000 waste containers are used a year, it can replace 34.9 carbon dioxide and save 340 million kWh. Container module technology can reduce construction time by 50%.

What’s more, the construction time is very short, will not influence the new term to begin. The roof, ground, and circuit systems are fully factory prefabricated, making site installation convenient and fast, and shortening the time interval from building a house to using it.


· Delivery and Installation

· We can arrange transport and delivery to site, 13 modules can be shipped inside one 40'HQ standard container keeping transport cost to a minimum. We can also arrange a full assembly service using our team of installers or we can simply provide a supervisor to assist and advise your own labor on site.

Mobile container offices

Mobile container offices Advantages

Mobile container offices Advantages (2)

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