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Now more and more clients need job site offices for a diverse range of uses in many different industries. As a leading manufacture of job site offices and portable job site trailers, We K-Home understands that you need a fast and reliable job site spaces that allow you to continue your job effectively and efficiently.

Our job site container house is use light steel as frame and enclosed with sandwich panel, all the parts are connected with bolts and nuts.  All the parts are modular produced in our factory, then after carefully labled load into the shipping container send to your port.

Our container house has many advantages , we have listed as below:

1. Convenient transportation, fast and convenient transport

2. Beautiful appearance: the inner wall adopts the combined design of small plates, the products are scientifically connected, and the surface is smooth and smooth.

3. Strong weather resistance: It has good acid, alkali, salt spray and other corrosivity, suitable for various occasions and strong corrosive environment. It has the characteristics of waterproof, sound insulation, heat preservation, sealing, easy to clean, easy to maintain, beautiful appearance and so on.

4. Fast assemble and disassemble

5. Low foundation request

6. Eco-friendly, no waste produced when making the installation


A wide range of oilfields, mines, construction, military, school, office, dormitory, etc.

container house (2)container office

container school-7

container school-8

container school-10

container school-11

container school-12

container school-13

container school-14

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