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When you need office space at your job site, you want space that can be set up fast and does not compromise on comfort, safety, and durability. Our portable office containers make for easily accessible workspaces with quick installation in construction, manufacturing, petrochemical, oil and gas, and industrial applications.
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Product Details

Container Office Unit specification:

Parameters: External dimensions: 6000mm * 3000mm * 3000mm

Inner size: 5800mm * 2800mm * 2800mm

Roof form: flat roof

Container office unit advantages:

Material composition: steel frame structure, double glass windows and cored steel door rock wool A-grade fireproof material Insulation: heat transfer system (K/m2.h.) 0.47, roof: 0.8mm color steel profile plate, insulation layer: 150mm thick glass wool, density 14kg/m3 Ceiling board: 0.5mm color steel profiled plate, high-grade environmental protection rubber and plastic floor 19mm cement fiberboard, insulation layer: 150mm glass wool

Bottom steel plate: 0.4mm color steel profiled plate, color steel outer wall plate: 0.4mm thick outer embossed galvanized color steel plate Insulation layer: glass wool 75mm thick, 64kg/m3, inner wall plate: 0.4mm thick galvanized color Steel plate.

Product advantages:

1. The structure is safe and reliable. Can resist 11 winds, equivalent to design wind pressure: 0.45KN/ (Chinese standard);

2. Convenient packaging and transportation. The product design fully considers the packaging and transportation intervals, and can provide the best loading mode; each 40-foot container (high box) can hold 6 standard unit bodies;

3. Roof waterproofing. The roof of the house is designed with centralized drainage, no additional waterproof treatment is needed, and the risk of rain leakage on the roof is eliminated;

4. Thermal insulation. The core material of the enclosing board is A grade fireproof material, heat preservation: heat transfer coefficient (K/m2.h.) 0.47;

5. Tight structure, moisture-proof, and anti-corrosion. The structure design of the house is reasonable, and the surface of the structure is treated with anti-corrosion and anti-rust; the color steel composite board itself has good moisture and anti-corrosion performance;

6. Easy to move. After the house installation is completed, there is no need to disassemble and install, and it can be hoisted and transported as a whole. Application areas: education, office space, warehousing, medical treatment, exhibitions, competitions, large energy factories, construction sites, etc.

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