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 Container house refer to houses with windows and doors that are mainly transformed from basic containers. This type of container house is commonly used as a dormitory for workers at construction sites, and it is also used as a rental house. It is durable and easy to build. Therefore, container mobile homes are also called occupant containers.

Characteristics of container mobile homes:

1. Insulation, windproof, shockproof, moistureproof, waterproof, anti-leakage, environmental protection, safety, fast and convenient movement, flexible combination

2. The interior is completely renovated, with external power supply, built-in air conditioning, electricity, lighting, tables and chairs, ready for immediate use

3. Long service life, can be used for more than 10 years

4. Quick assembly ------- Can be completed quickly, start business immediately, and cost recovery quickly.

5. Good drainage system-------structured drainage

Concealed construction of container mobile homes means that during the construction process, after the previous process is completed, it will be covered by the next process, and all the parts that cannot be inspected after completion are renovated. The "project" is not done well, and the surface decoration is beautiful, and it is futile.

"Concealed works" can be divided into water installation, electrical installation, moisture-proof, waterproof and other projects. Each of these projects should not be overlooked. If something goes wrong, it may cause serious economic losses and even harm personal safety. Identify the construction technology and materials of the waterproof project to avoid unnecessary economic losses and injuries.

Container mobile home applications

1. High-end demand for temporary products on construction sites, such as the office of project manager, accommodation, conference room, etc.;

2. The construction site is restricted by the site, and only box-type combination room products can be installed;

3. Houses for field operations; for example: mobile offices and dormitories for field exploration and construction;

4. Emergency room; for example: military mobile command center, emergency mobile command center, disaster relief mobile command center, etc.

The integral crane series has strong adaptability to the environment and is convenient for on-site installation. It can be used as a temporary office, accommodation, integral kitchen, bathroom and other purposes required by the construction site.

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