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Prefab site office Singapore can protect the environment, because it does not generate any construction waste when it is disassembled and assembled, and it can also be recycled. Its location is also very strong.
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As a new type of high-end mobile reusable temporary housing products, container houses have been used by major engineering projects and buildings in recent years due to their rapid construction, safety and stability, environmental protection and comfort, packaging and transportation, and repeated disassembly and assembly. The construction unit is used as a temporary building. The box house not only improves the on-site management of the office and accommodation environment of the construction personnel, but also greatly improves the appearance of the standardized construction codes on the construction site. The turntable service life of more than 20 years is also reduced macroscopically In view of the company's operating costs, nowadays, a box house building is springing up everywhere in the construction site around us. The indoor and outdoor effects of the box house combination building are also getting higher and higher. Let me introduce the current project Build the most commonly used functions and combinations for your reference.

The standard container house size is 6055mm*2990mm*2896mm, a standard box is a module (18 square meters), and other combined spaces (such as conference rooms) can be derived based on the standard module. The temporary housing for the project includes: office room, Public housing, dormitory and ancillary housing. In the early stage of construction preparation, the number of modules can be planned according to the required use function and the number of users.

Office room refers to the office of general staff and leaders of the project; public room includes meeting room, reception room, data room, activity room, toilet, etc.; auxiliary room includes kitchen canteen, guard room, equipment room, test room, etc. .

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