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If you are looking for modular commercial building space in a remote place and don’t want to compromise your comfort, and don’t want to spend a long time in the construction period, our modular container office for sure is the best choice for your office space solution.

A modular commercial building is available from 50square meters, to thousand square meters. The parts for the building are customized according to your requirements. Our professional design team has been working on building design for more than ten years, we could provide a solution for you until you are satisfied with all the layout, the material, the door or window located place, etc. We transfer the plan to our factory starts to make production.

All the parts are modular produced and also could be customized, our production ability is 300unit containers one month, per container is 18 square meters, so it means 5400 square meters container house could make one month. Hope could meet your demand, if not, please let us know we will check what we can do to help.

The installation period, if a professional 3 person could install 2container in one day. And once the installation finished, you can use it immediately. No construction waste produced, it is really clean and easy, no tails after completed the installation, like you have done a big 'lego' toys.

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