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Our company manufactures and sells a variety of 20Ft container house, which can be widened or shortened. The standard size of our 20ft container house is 6 meters long, 3 meters wide and 2.8 meters height. And the size could be totally customized as your unique required.

    One: The mobile house converted from standard container has many advantages. First of all, he is easy to transport, especially suitable for units that frequently change construction sites;

    Second, strong and durable, all made of steel, with strong resistance to earthquake and deformation;

    Third, the sealing performance is good, and the strict manufacturing process makes this mobile house have good water tightness.

    Mobile homes are based on standard containers, and many combined spaces can be derived.

    Such as meeting rooms, dormitories, kitchens, toilets, etc. The standard width is 3 meters, length 6meters and the height is 2.8 meters, it could be flexible connected.

If you have special requirements, you can make customized drawings.

    1. The interior of the container office room is fully renovated, just like the ordinary office rooms that you usually see.

    There are 2 built-in lamps, and the sockets (3 of which are special sockets for air conditioning) are pre-installed. You only need to use the external connection cable of the office box to connect with the external total power supply for safe use.

    The interior is completely renovated, with external power supply, built-in air conditioning, electricity, lighting, tables and chairs, ready for immediate use.

    2. The container office has no special requirements for the venue

    If there is no need for foundation treatment at the combined use site, the container house can be placed even on the mud floor. The box body is transported to the site and put down and connected to external power for immediate use. There is no need to install and distribute electricity on site.

    3. Container house can be moved quickly at any time

    Only one forklift can be used for overall movement at short distances, and only one flatbed trailer and forklift can be used for overall movement at long distances without foundation or disassembly.

    4. The service life of the product is at least 15 years, can be used repeatedly and moved without disassembly, no material loss

    After a project is calculated based on 2 years, it can be relocated to another new project in whole or in part, so that at least 7 projects can be done without repeating additional construction. .

    5. The provincial design of our container house is to consider the design of the field housing office

    Insulation, windproof, shockproof, moistureproof, waterproof, anti-leakage, environmental protection, and safety all have certain design considerations in our office box.

    6. Value preservation function: It can be renovated, leased and sold within 10 years of use. Even after 20 years of use, it can still be sold at the scrap price.

steel structure

container school-7

container school-8

container school-10

container school-11

container school-12

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container school-14

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