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Modular container house adopts the correct design concept and production technology to change a room into standard parts, the whole box is not welded, all bolts are connected, not deformed, and the assembly speed is fast. The top and bottom, loose parts, and the whole box can be used for transportation. , The transportation method is flexible, and appropriate transportation methods can be adopted according to the project site conditions and project needs.

The modular container house uses the 3m*6m*2.8m house as the basic unit. The container house structure adopts special cold-formed galvanized steel components. The enclosure and thermal insulation materials are all fire-resistant and non-combustible materials. Plumbing, electrification, decoration and supporting functions are all completed in the factory, without the need for secondary Construction, on-site assembly or overall hoisting and seating can be used for living. It can be used alone, or can be combined horizontally and correctly to form a spacious use space and stack.

1.The Panel structure saving transportation and storage space: Considering the distance to the destination and the convenience of on-site installation, the single standard container is only 1/4 of the original house volume after being packaged, which is convenient for shipping by sea, strong and strong, and is suitable for transportation and storage The process greatly saves space, thereby reducing costs.

2. Factory pre-assembly to minimize the workload on site: the installation of all parts of the standard box will be completed in the factory. The columns and wall panels are connected to the top and bottom frames with bolts on site, the circuit terminals are connected in sequence, and then the The decorative profiled pieces are nailed to the corresponding position, and a standard box-style house is assembled.

3. Rock wool and glass wool are used as thermal insulation materials with good fire resistance: this new material not only has high strength and good thermal insulation performance, but also has good fire resistance and flame retardancy, reaching Class A, and is the main insulation material for container houses. .

4. The modular container house structure is strong and can withstand typhoons: the structural parts of the box room are assembled through high-strength bolts to form a strong overall structure with a service life of more than 15 years, seismic intensity 8 degrees, and wind resistance Level 11.

Steel Structure like belowIMG_8831_副本

steel structure

The installation process

installtion process

Customer visit

customer visit

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