Mobile Container Clinics For Sale

Container clinic house are used for all kinds of site, expecially remote place, its size are depend on the number of the container house, which consist of sandwich panel and steel structure,so the house has better feature od fireproof and waterproof.
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In areas where disasters such as weather geography are severely damaged, container-built clinics can be quickly transported to the disaster area. It can be installed quickly and can receive patients immediately.

After the container clinic are built in site, the health care, electricity and clean water are accessible for hard living people, and will support more chances for local people, this prefabricated clinic are important to keep healthy for all the people, the container clinic center are available for sick children, pregnant ladies can also come to here to do antenatal care test, our modular container house size is 3m*6m*2.8m, and we can combined the container house to meet the your big space need, all the hospital faculties are put in the modular hospital house.




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