Military Accommodation Containers

The modular work site camp has undergone a change in quantity and quality. Its advantages of environmental protection, energy-saving, economy, practicality, speed, and efficiency have been widely recognized. At present, it has met the market demand in various forms on a global scale.
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K-home modular container house can be used as a dormitory,  we have a project for Military accommodation containers in African. The container dimensions allow it to be lifted, fixed, and combined. The container house has the advantages of quick installation, convenient movement, many turnovers, and long life. It can be widely used in large-scale construction projects and commercial, civil, and military fields.

The containers are steel frame structure, and the steel is cold-bent galvanized material. The structure is composed of the top frame component, corner column system, and bottom frame component. The system is assembled and completed by the on-site system. The standard container house is used as the basic unit. Like building blocks, it can be crossed or vertically combined in various forms. It can be stacked in three layers. The space layout is flexible and the functions are complete. It realizes the use of small functions and diversified application fields.

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