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In the past, troops were stationed in training, and it was difficult to have a comfortable houses to live in. In many cases, tents were built. Although the tent is light and simple, but it has poor wind resistance and heat retention.

The new modular container type house we designed has the characteristics of complete supporting, high integration, safety and reliability, and easy disassembly and assembly and no construction waste.

This kind of sturdy, convenient and perfect than tents, could  equipped with air conditioning, bathroom and so on. The modular container house not only can resist cold wind and storm itself, but also can be connected together. It is just like a big lego toy for big men. We connected different number of containers to form into a meeting room, restaurant, entertainment area accommodation,office, lavatory, toilets etc. Modular houses can also guarantee the life training for different numbers of people.

This kind of Army Housing Camps adopts light steel structure as the steel frame, and the roof and the wall use sandwich panels. The thickness of the steel frame and the thickness of the wall panel can be customized. Each modular house is 18 square meters, and the size can be customized according to the actual situation. It wall panel could fit different size of windows as requested. In addition, the outer wall of the house can be customized into a camouflage iron sheet, which is more in line with the needs of field training.





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