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The modular work site camp has undergone a change in quantity and quality. Its advantages of environmental protection, energy-saving, economy, practicality, speed, and efficiency have been widely recognized. At present, it has met the market demand in various forms on a global scale.
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K-home has the ability to provide Army command camps to the military, we are using container house, it can be used as a separate unit.

Container house interior decoration is complete, the floor is PVC floor, doors, and Windows, anti-theft net, lighting, socket, switch, exhaust fan, air conditioning, as workers dormitory, clean, beautiful, safe, convenient. Save you worry, time, and effort. The living container room is of the steel structure. Its characteristic advantage is: heat insulation effect is good, sound insulation effect is good, safe and efficient, need not the foundation, facilitate transportation, move convenient, its stability is strong, service life is long, container room is suitable to be located in hillside, hill, grassland, desert, riverside. It does not take up space, the mobile room is clean, indoor facilities are complete, stability and durability are strong, appearance is beautiful and generous. Design according to customer requirements, delicate and elegant, good insulation performance, warm in winter and cool in summer.

Container house size:

Single box type activity room (standard room), 20 feet cabinet, 6055*2435*2638 (mm) assembled box type activity room, 40,60,80 feet cabinet, can be up and down, left and right, can also according to customer requirements production.

The quality of modular building accommodations is crucial. Only with good quality can container mobile homes have excellent performance, be more durable, have better wind and earthquake resistance, and provide people with a safe and comfortable living environment.

Modular building accommodations can be rented and bought. Manufacturers must ensure the quality of container mobile homes so that they can have long-term development and more generous returns.

Transportation convenience:

1. The size of each standard module is 6055mm long, 2435mm wide or 2990mm wide. Ground transportation is not super long and wide.

2. The corner positioning of the box refers to the ISO corner positioning of the ocean shipping container. It can be transported with a standard container truck and can be used as a lifting point during installation.

3. The 40-foot ultra-high cabinet can be used for maritime transportation. One cabinet can hold six sets (2435mm wide). It can also be packed into 4 units into a 20-foot ISO shipping container, which can be transported directly to the sea as a self-contained box.

Application areas:

Except for use as an army command camp, we can also use as office, accommodation, meeting room, bathroom, kitchen, access control, and so on. The application fields are diversified and can be used in engineering camps, commercial houses, public utility houses, military camps, tourism, temporary municipal houses, disaster relief houses, factory houses, etc.

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