Mobile Container Meeting Room

Khome mobile container rooms can be joined together to make wider spaces for more functions and they can be stacked up to a height of two or three floors with metal stairs installed.
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Brief Introduction

Mobile Container Meeting Room is made from several standard size of our container house with glass wall.Due to its characteristics of fast built, easily movable, sturdy frame, the mobile container room keep training, safety and production meetings near the plant floor. The mobile container meeting room is made of steel frame and sandwich panel. People can assemble and disassemble it very quickly and easily. It can also be reconfigured, maximizing the long-term value.

The mobile container meeting room can be offered in a variety of surfaces and colors for enhancing aesthetics, durability, and sound absorption. Window and door are available in a number of sizes and styles to meet a wide variety of applications.


1. Galvanized steel as the major part of structure which is firm and durable, it has quite good capacity to resist corruption.

2. The main material of the wall, roof is light and strong. The normal choices are EPS, polyurethane or rock wool sandwich panel. They have quite good capacity of water proof, moisture proof and heat resistance.

3. The light steel structure with the good quality sandwich panel could resist different weather, such as typhoon, heavy rain and earthquake.

4. Water pipe and wires could be hidden into the sandwich panel which is good looking.

5. Easy to design and decorate. The floor and wall could be decorated by different material according to the user's need.

mobile container meeting room

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