Expandable Container Movable House

The expandable container house consists of a standard size container in the middle plus a slightly smaller container on both sides, consisting of three boxes. When not in use, small rooms on either side of the room can be slid to the middle of the box, which is suitable for transportation. After the room is fully unfolded, it measures 6 meters in length, 6 meters in width and 2.500 meters in height. When you need to use it, it takes only 10 minutes to unfold the container, and the interior space of the room is suddenly bright. The expandable container house has a production cycle of about 20 days. It has been assembled at the factory and folded and transported as a whole during transportation.
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Product Details

Decoration Content

1. The outer wall panel is made of metal carved waterproof and heat insulation board,

2. The middle is made of 50mm insulation cotton,

3. The indoor ecological integrated wall panel is used,

4. The floor is made of fireproof MGO board and the composite wood floor,

5.Integrated ceiling,

6.Integrated bathroom: toilet, hand shower, sink, water inlet and outlet, lamps

Expandable Container Movable House

Expandable Container Movable House


1. The structure is safe and stable, with good wind and seismic performance, good airtightness and sound insulation performance.

2. The basic requirements are lower, the mobile relocation column is convenient, the entry and exit field is flexible and convenient, the lifting speed is fast, and the construction period is short.

3. Overall hoisting during relocation, no loss, low relocation costs.

4. The overall shape is beautiful and generous, high-grade, neat.

5. The number of rooms can be increased or decreased at any time, which is more flexible and economical than prefab house.

6. The service life is more than 15 years.

Expandable Container Movable House

Expandable Container Movable House


Expandable Container Movable House

Expandable Container Movable House

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