Sites Pre-Engineered Worker Camp

When it comes to container house, I believe that everyone will often see that whether in the city or in the suburbs, container house are playing an important role. Compared with normal houses, container house price are much lower, what's more, it can meet the basic living needs. So container house becoming more and more popular as dormitory, classroom, office, etc.
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Sites Pre-Engineered worker camp

Henan K-home is committed to the development and operation of new sites worker camp, advocating the standardization, transformation and generalization of integrated building design and application, and achieving factory-scale production. K-home container house has the advantages of energy saving and environmental protection, convenient transportation, multiple turnover and reuse, and promoting the development of integrated construction industry. It can provide efficient, environmentally friendly and economical new products and supporting services.

In addition to the Sites pre-engineered worker camp, K-home are serving various resort hotels and self-driving camps, country villas, military camp headquarters, real estate sales departments, cafes, bars and agricultural leisure villages; foreign exports to Angola, Australia, Pakistan, and other places.

Worker camp (2)
Worker camp (3)
Worker camp (4)
Worker camp (5)
Worker camp (7)
Worker camp (7)
Worker camp (8)
Worker camp (9)
Worker camp (10)
Worker camp (11)
Worker camp (12)

Why people choose K-home mining site accommodation camps:

Energy-saving and comfortable

Short construction period and low cost

Solid and durable

As a simple and easy-to-habit living space with low cost, container house provide a resting place for construction workers on some construction sites; they provide a workspace for managers in the remote site. It is believed that with the gradual highlighting of the advantages of container house and the increasing recognition, its future market value and use space will be further improved.



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