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From single unit lodging to complex big building for dormitory,  We K-home could find a solution for you. It also called container house, mobile house, prefab house, the standard size is 5.95meter long, 3meter wide, it could be united many units together then reach to bigger room space requirement.

For those working in resource industries, their occupation takes them far from home. We understand that's not easy. When major rebuilding or field exploration projects require immediate accommodations, our modular workforce housing solutions provides a fast, flexible and comfortable answer. Short- or long-term, in local or remote locations, for small crews or several thousand, we can customize workforce accommodations and modular barracks that support optimum performance and offer a comfortable living environment.At K-Home China, our people and solutions are ready to work. So from day one, you too are ready to work without any worried about your living condition.

It has features as below

Fast assemble:  3 Skilled worker could install 1 unit in half day, it means 18 square meter land space.

Recycle to use: This project completed, could disassemble it then take all the parts shift to your next project.

Low foundation request: No need dig the land, only need flat construction cement on the ground.

Ready to wait: After completed, you can move in immediately, no need wait.The house is already have ceiling, floor, window and doors.

container house

container accommodation

Container House (4)

Container Large Scale Projects

Container House (5)

Container House (7)

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