Prefabricated Container House Mining Camp

Prefabricated container house dormitory is used for sleeping of the individual in construction sites, such as scout camps and guest houses.
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Prefabricated Container House Mining Camp Introduction :

The container house mining camp is a new type of new concept house. It is based on environmental protection and economy. Widely used in temporary construction sites such as construction sites, which is to take advantage of the integrity and flexibility of vehicle-mounted container houses to adapt to flexible workplaces such as construction sites.


Product Application:

1.Disaster area rescue station

2. College student dormitory

3. Rent to others

4. Rescue mobile command station

5. Residential area as a commissary


The characteristics of container dormitory

1. The house is a new type of house building with a combination of steel materials and a combination of flexibility and flexibility.

2. The flexibility of the house is particularly prominent. In the case of changing work, the TV can be easily completed with only one crane.

3. The mobile container houses has established a new concept of temporary housing, which has achieved universal standardization of temporary buildings.

4. The interior decoration of the house is sound, and it can be connected to electricity. The interior can be equipped with air-conditioning TV and other electrical facilities for comfortable living.

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