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Modular Container Standard Equipment: two windows, one door, distribution box, fluorescent lamp, socket, etc.,
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According to a large number of statistical data, the sales performance of prefab modular container house in the market has soared in recent years, and many construction sites have also adopted container board houses instead of traditional mobile board houses, especially professional container houses. So what are the advantages of this new type of container board house compared to traditional mobile board houses?

1. Improve transportation convenience

As a transport device under the new technology, the container board house can be suitable for loading cargo for maritime transportation, and it can also be replaced in time as a place of residence. At present, many construction companies choose container board houses as new transportation tools in order to improve the convenience of transportation and avoid the trouble of installation and disassembly of mobile board houses.

2. Firm and reliable

At present, most of the container board houses are custom made of stainless steel. The container houses specially made of this stainless steel have good seismic performance, and meanwhile, they are not easily deformed even when they are transported at full load. Compared with mobile board houses, container board houses are more robust and reliable. In addition, some container board houses also have better thermal insulation properties and better sound insulation effects.

3. More convenient disassembly and assembly

Due to various conditions, the old mobile board houses cannot be assembled by themselves, while the container board houses can be assembled freely. It can form a box-type house according to people's intentions and actual needs. It can not only carry heavy weight, but also resist windy weather. In addition, due to the low compression resistance of the core board and the steel frame used in the connection of the movable board room, the possibility of dumping is likely to occur in windy or rainy weather.

The advantages of container board houses continue to emerge with the increase of their application rates. Some people have purchased container board houses with high cost performance for store operation or loading and transportation. As the container board house gradually penetrates into people's lives, its advantages such as convenient transportation, firmness and reliability, and more convenient disassembly and assembly will be further confirmed.


Inside Show

prefab container home


-Posts: 2.5mm thickness 140x140mmgalvanized steel plate

-Corner beam: 2.5mm thickness140x140mmgalvanized shaped steel plate

-Beam supports: 2.5mm 140x240mm galvanized shaped steel plate

Container Insulated wall panels:

-Wall panel: 50mm Rock wool sandwich panel/50mm EPS sandwich panel

-Insulation: 50mm 50kg/m3 rock wool insulation

Roof construction:
-Steel structure

-50mm glass wool

-0.4mm steel plate

-Sealing glue

Windows and entrance doors:

-Window: PVC sliding window

-Entrance door: 950mm x 2000mm steel door




Before house installation, the following things need to be prepare on site:
- Concrete foundation based on drawings / make the ground very flat

- 5t mobile crane is need
–Electrical supply for installation tools
–Place for storing materials on site

The whole house installation is very easy, 4 workers can use 2 hours to finish 1 unit .


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Factory Show




Delivery time – 15 days after receive the advance payment


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