Prefab Container Dorms

Prefab container dorms mainly uses modular production technology to modularize a container into standard parts and assemble it on site when needed. It can speed up the installation and reduce transportation costs.
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1. Modular design features

The reason why container houses can be equipped with convenient and quick assembly is because the prefab container dorms are modularized and constructed with stainless steel frame structure, which has strong seismic performance. The decoration of container houses and the installation of water and electricity pipelines can be put into use after the site installation. The wall of the prefab container dorms with high evaluation is made of heat-insulating fireproof material, which has good heat preservation performance and safety and fire prevention.

2. Flexible layout configuration

The configuration of the prefab container dorms is flexible and versatile to meet the needs of different customers. The structure layout of the prefab container dorms belongs to the disassembly type, which can be stored and transported many times, and the cost is low and convenient.

3. Environmental protection and energy saving features

The prefab container dorms don't need or only need the point foundation; you can effectively avoid the hardening of the land and reduce the damage to the land to a greater extent. From the perspective of environmental protection, this is a better embodiment of the residential container house. Prefab container dorms also save costs, assembly-type construction, short construction time, and environmental protection. According to the on-site environment, the installation of the container house is more reasonable. At the same time, most of the building materials and materials can be recycled or reused, and the environmental concept of “circular economy” is met.

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