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The porta cabin accommodation is hot product after years development, It evolved on the basis of the export-type container house. After the optimized design of the box-type materials, the construction site gradually. Forming, the whole box does not need to be welded after being transported to the construction site, and it is completely connected by screws, which is very convenient and fast.


All the frame profiles of K-Home porta cabin accommodation are rolled and formed by hot-dip galvanized steel sheet, with thickness, and some kind, with good bending resistance and compression resistance. The main materials are four uprights, four beams on the upper and lower frames, and eight corner heads (corners), which connect the corner heads and the frame, and 64 screws on the uprights. The wallboard adopts double-sided color steel plate with middle rock wool insulation layer. Different from the traditional drainage pattern of corrugated welded container houses scattered around from the top, the top beam of the K-Home fast consolidation box frame comes with a drainage ditch, which has better drainage performance.

We K-Home 12 sets pota container accommodation house materilas can be loaded in one 40ft shipping container, you will begin to install the house after you pick up all the house material.


1 Spaces can be freely combined, such as office, kitchen, toilet, etc .; two-layer structure can be built to save space.

2 The rugged and durable house is made of steel, which has strong resistance to earthquake and deformation.

3 Good sealing, strict manufacturing process makes this kind of mobile house have good sealing.

4 Convenient transportation is suitable for units that frequently change the work site.

5 Can be customized to any size, if you have special requirements, you can customize it by drawing.

6 Flexible layout, doors and windows can be set at any position, indoor partitions can be set at any horizontal axis, and stairs can be set indoors or outdoors.

7 The service life of the mobile container house is at least 15 years, and it can be used repeatedly to save costs.

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