Oil Field Housing Man Camps

Oil Field Housing Man Camps

Do you have a project in a remote area that needs to provide temporary accommodation for your workers? Invest in their comfort by choosing our modular home. The advantage of K-home prefabricated modular workers' quarters is that our factory has 12 years of experience in designing, manufacturing and manufacturing prefabricated houses. We can solve temporary housing projects in areas where material transportation is extremely difficult, weather conditions are harsh and manpower is scarce. This modular building allows you to save time on project construction.
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The container dormitory is a new type of concept room, and it is very clean and comfortable. This kind of container has windows, air conditioners, living facilities, and the design is very user-friendly. The container house is a building system that once again hits the fashion trend, and can be moved to various places anytime and anywhere, bringing people a more convenient and comfortable life. The solar photovoltaic panel can be used for indoor electricity, the solar water heater can be heated and supplied with water, and the indoor shower and domestic water are discharged by the sewage treatment system for reuse. Depending on the number of people, container houses of different sizes can be made.

Mobile container house can be created in any combination to create different spaces, including adding existing kitchen designs, adding new bathrooms, creating additional bedroom designs, or even creating a new living room design for the home that will satisfy any imagination.

The interior design is very flexible and can change the interior and exterior of the space. The space can be redesigned by cutting and rearranging the shipping containers to create a personal style for your home, including interior design and decorative spaces.


The house is a new type of prefabricated building that combines steel with flexibility and flexibility.

The flexibility of the house is particularly outstanding. In the case of a replacement site, the installation of a container house can be easily accomplished with a single crane.

3. The emergence of mobile container houses has established a new concept of temporary housing, which has achieved universal standardization of temporary buildings.

The interior of the house is very sound and can be connected to electricity. The interior can be equipped with air-conditioned TV and other electrical facilities for a comfortable living.





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