Multiple Storey Container Homes

Prefab Container Dormitories, also called box houses and packing boxes were originally evolved on the basis of shipping containers.
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The MULTIPLE STOREY CONTAINER HOMES refers to the maximum saving of resources during the entire life cycle of the building, including energy-saving, land saving, water saving, material saving, etc., protecting the environment and reducing pollution, and providing people with healthy, comfortable and efficient use of space, and A building in harmony with nature. Green building technology focuses on low consumption, high efficiency, economy, environmental protection, integration, and optimization. It is a benefit-sharing between man and nature, present and future, and a construction method for sustainable development. The flashing characteristics highlighted in the various green indicators of the packed box house fully demonstrate the various high-quality performance of the packed box house as a greenhouse, which is the embodiment of green buildings.

       The MULTIPLE STOREY CONTAINER HOMES is a building system that hits the fashion trend. According to the different numbers of people, it can produce container mobile houses of different sizes. Solar photovoltaic panels can be used for indoor electricity, solar water heaters can be used for heating and water supply, indoor showers and domestic water discharge are purified by sewage treatment system for reuse, and can be moved to any place anytime and anywhere, bringing more convenient life for people.

The design concept and manufacturing process of the container house can be used in a single container or a combination of multiple containers up and down. Its high thermal insulation performance creates a good office and living environment for field workers. The products are widely used in offices, residences, shops, field operations, storage, temporary rescue and disaster relief, equipment room and other fields.

Installation steps

       Bottom beam installation→pillar→frame→floor→top structure→drainboard→link inside.


       1. Wear corresponding protective measures: gloves, hats, insurance, and other tools.

       2. Need professional installation personnel with a certificate.

       3. The bad weather needs to be installed according to the actual situation.

       4. A small number of boxes can generally be installed and pulled to the construction site.

Two Story Containers House3

Two Story Containers House4

Container House (2)

Container House (3)

Container House (4)

Container Large Scale Projects

Container House (5)

Container House (7)

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