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The modular worker camp container house is a kind of fast assemble housing developed by shipping container. In order to ensure a solid structure in the process of use, the professional container mobile house generally uses high-quality steel As the main structure, welding technology is used to complete the assembly of all components. The following quick consolidation room manufacturers will introduce us the advantages of the mobile room.

1. High sealing performance, strong fire resistance

In the process of manufacturing high-quality container mobile homes, because of the use of sealing plates and strong fire-retardant coatings on the periphery of the box body, the high sealing performance of the mobile homes can be guaranteed, not only for living It is relatively more comfortable, can also reduce the degree of steel pollution, and the use of fireproof coatings can greatly reduce the probability of accidental hazards.

2. Robust and strong, strong load-bearing

Because each box can be used as an independent unit, in the process of using the container mobile house, users can freely combine and splice according to the actual environment, and the spliced container mobile house is because With multiple load-bearing supports, it is robust and durable, and has a very strong load-bearing capacity.

3. Lower price and longer life span

The cost of construction of the container mobile house is relatively low, and because its production materials are composed of steel and advanced welding processing technology is used, it has excellent seismic and compression resistance and is not easy to deform under strong impact. Talent, so the service life is more than 15 years.


The above content is divided into three aspects to give us a brief introduction to several specific advantages of container mobile houses. In fact, the container house is a very commendable simple residential product in terms of its convenience, durability, and pressure resistance, so it is very suitable for many enterprises. However, before purchasing, the application enterprise must find a reliable manufacturer of container mobile housing to obtain the guarantee of personal and financial safety from the source of quality.

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