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K-home modular solutions offer a different level to meet a variety of users in different sectors.

Our container house modular system is good for social housing, disaster relief dwelling, and permanent housing solutions as well. Houses to be built are 100% custom-built, we are open to working with our clients on the design so that we can fit your unique requests without compromise.

It has always been a dream for us to live in a house that is decent, simple, safe, and affordable. A house to keep us safe from the diversities we might encounter. With this, the concept of revolutionary innovation housing has been developed. Our modified container modular system gives a fully furnished option to those requests, that saves site labor cost, construction time tremendously.


1. Use containers as base construction material overthrow the traditional mode of construction and create a new, green, and integrated living concept.

2. Fast assembling & disassembling and convenient relocation and transportation.

3. Various decoration styles for your choice all house type designed by an experienced designer

4. Various green healthy decoration materials and integrated furnishing solutions for your choice

5. Experienced building team to assist installation and provide instruction for customer reference

steel structure

Installation Process

installtion process

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Icontainer camp

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