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The modular dormitory complex lends itself nicely to multi-unit housing. It is a low maintenance alternative to many permanent materials and the most cost-effective solution around.

Dormitory buildings can be designed and built in about one third the time required with traditional construction and offer the ability to expand as the need arises. Plus, the automated process used to design modular buildings also saves you money and ensures very few cost overruns.

Working with an experienced modular building specialist when undertaking multi-unit projects helps avoid costly delays and ensures that your finished product has the features required by your tenants.

If you thought sleeping accommodation on industrial and construction sites was about camping, think again. These prefab mobile bedrooms are in a different class. Speedsleep mobile dormitories will provide you with peaceful, undisturbed sleep on-site – so vital for optimum work performance!

This modulare dormitory is consisted 7 standard container, covers an size of 42meters long and 3 meters wide. Each room with 4 single beds. And each person could have a seperate wardrobe.

Each room with a big enterance door and 2 window, the sunshine and light could goes through. Your workers would have a bright, clean and comfortable place.


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Management accommodations that often serve a dual-purpose as both a remote office and lodging quarters and feature larger rooms, washrooms and upgraded furnishings.

Side-by-side camps that are designed for quick assembly, ease of dismantle and relocation.this building could be empleted in one day. Then you staff could immediately move in.

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