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Modular container Singapore Installation Manual
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Modular container Singapore Installation guiding:

1. The installation of steel structural parts must meet the standard requirements, and the position that needs to be welded should not be omitted, and the welding should not be wrong, which will lead to insecure or even cracking in the later stage.

2. When installing the wall, it should be horizontal and vertical, the caulking seams should be dense and smooth, the depth and width of the seam should be the same, and the board surface should not be damaged.

3. If the wallpaper needs to be pasted indoors, it must be smooth and clean without bubbles.

4. The ceiling is assembled with flat and straight seams, the gap seam is the same, the wallpaper is clean, the board surface must not be broken, and the damaged part of the wallpaper surface should be repaired during transportation.

5. Floor slabs should be laid in gray, and floor slabs with cracks are prohibited from installation and use.

6. The surface of the cement or fine stone concrete surface should be compacted and compacted, and no defects such as cracks, peeling, sanding, and hollowing are allowed.

7. Asbestos tiles should be laid leeward according to the characteristics of the local wind direction, and the cornices should be kept straight. The tiles must not have cracks. The vertical overlap length of asbestos tiles should not be less than 100mm, and the horizontal overlap of mid-wave tiles should not be less than one wave. Small wave tiles are not less than two waves. Each asbestos tile of the tile hook is two fixed points. The tile hook should be tightened properly and there should be no water leakage on the roof.

8. The tin gutter joints of the container movable house are welded firmly, and the joints must be treated with anti-corrosion treatment. There should be no water in the gutter and no water leakage. The downpipe is installed vertically and firmly, and the hoop spacing is 1300mm.

9. Install the doors and windows accurately and fasten them with bolts.

10. Residential containers can be moved and recycled anytime and anywhere.

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