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To design a livable home out of standard container house is not a big challenge, because, after the installation of the container, you will not recognize it is a steel structure building.


Strength and durability: Containers are in many ways an ideal building material. They are designed to be easy connected and easy stacked  up to two floors. They are also designed to resist harsh environments, such as a hurricane, windy, heavy rain.

Modular: All shipping containers are made to standard measurements, and as such, they provide modular elements that can be combined into larger structures. This simplifies design, planning and transport. As they are already designed to interlock for ease of mobility during transportation, structural construction is completed by simply emplacing them. Due to the containers' modular design, additional construction is as easy as stacking more containers. 

Labor: All the parts of the container house are using light steel as the frame and enclosed with the sandwich panel, all the parts could be easily connected by bolts and nuts. It could save a lot of labor for you.

Transport: Bulk load, one 40HQ shipping container could load 12 units of a standard container.

Availability: Used shipping containers are available across the globe.

Expense: Many used containers are available at an amount that is low compared to a finished structure built by other labor-intensive means- such as bricks and mortar- which also require larger more expensive foundations. 

Farm Labor Camp Housing 4

steel structure

Installation Process

installtion process

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container camp

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container school-11

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