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K-home have has a worldwide history in high-quality modular construction design-building spanning 1 decade. We include high-quality industries that manufacture modular structures commercially.
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K-home has a 10-year history of high-quality modular construction design-building worldwide. We have industries that manufacture modular structures. Our products are suitable to be used as man camps and accommodation for the workforce, industrial kitchens, offices, heli-camps and so on.

K-home aims to help owners, designers, architects and general contractors expand the use of modular building methods offsite to achieve project performance. For developers looking to build multi-family housing, student housing, assisted living facilities, hotels & hospitality ventures, we offer complete turnkey services. Through offering Efficient-Predictable-Innovative-Quality for each design, we give our expertise to designers, general contractors and business owners.

Small living is increasingly a popular residential choice for individuals and investors. K-home Certified park designs and small homes are highly customizable, energy-efficient and can be delivered at national level. It is great solution for owners, dealers or anyone who prefers to live the simpler life for the first time. We also provide RV and camping facilities with park designs that allow for anyone who wants to get away from home.

2 Man Container Camp With Bathroom 

Container Camp

4 Man Container Camp With Bathroom 

Container Camp 2

Single room - Bunk Bed 

Container Camp3



Dining Room 

Dining Room

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