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According to the traditional reinforced concrete house, modular living containers is too cost-effective. If you want to pursue life without spending too much money, the modular living containers will be your best choice.
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Modular building system can use as a dormitory, and this is a trend both at home and abroad. A modular container house is at least 18 square meters, enough space to create a single apartment, and the combination of multiple container house can also be turned into a novel private villa. This has many causes at home and abroad. Now containerized buildings can be used in commercial places such as apartments, villas, farmhouses, clubs, unmanned stores, hotels, etc.

Containerized buildings are different from containers, which are only spatial carriers for standardized sea and land transportation. Architecture is a habitat for people and art. Container buildings can have different sizes, try different styles, different facade shapes, and diverse interior decoration.

Compared with traditional buildings, it can be formed in a factory and hoisted directly to the destination, with a short construction period and being environmentally friendly.

Most modular building systems now uses color steel houses and mobile homes. However, with the development of society and the advancement of science and technology, more and more container mobile homes are used in construction sites to slowly enter life.


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