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Because of the flat pack workforce lodging camp of the occupant container itself, if it is not subjected to some special heat insulation treatment, even if the air conditioner is used to cool it, the desired effect cannot be achieved. If you want the outside temperature to have a small effect on the indoor temperature, there are several ways:

1. Use a black steel plate with polystyrene foam inside, which is processed into a new type of building material. This material has a high heat insulation effect.

2. Increase the thickness of the foam when constructing the container house to play a very good thermal insulation effect.

3. Rock wool also has a certain heat insulation effect.

How to carry out scientific maintenance of containers?

Rain and sun protection

Although the equipment container has a certain anti-corrosion function, and the corresponding anti-corrosion material is also made on the outside, if the container is exposed to long-term sunlight or rain, the surface will also be corroded, especially if the air conditioner is poor. If you do not pay attention to rain and sun protection in areas or acid rain areas, even advanced equipment containers will quickly be damaged.

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