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Khome specialize in producing flat pack modular building, foldable container house, and other prefab houses. All products are tested before delivery to guarantee the best quality for clients.
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With the rapid development of the city, a large number of migrant workers are naturally gathered in the city. Housing has become their main problem. But after the extensive use of container houses, the problem of housing difficulties for some people has been greatly solved. The main reason is that the many advantages of the container house itself are more obvious in this condition, which can be summarized as the following points.

First, the decoration is beautiful and generous.

The floor of this residential house is made of PVC, and the wall, ceiling, water and electricity, door and window exhaust fans, etc. will be decorated to varying degrees, and energy-saving and environmentally friendly and elegant.

Second, the overall structure is sturdier.

The resident container is a whole structure, which is more secure and more resistant to wind and more earthquake-resistant. Promote the safety of residential container houses. 

Third, the mobile home can be hoisted in the whole box.

The container cabin can be hoisted wholly, no need to do concrete foundation, move in after a few hours installation, greatly shorten the construction period.

Fourth, the design is modern and comfortable.

The more humanized design of the flat pack container can make people's life and work more comfortable. The container house can increase or decrease the number of rooms according to the need of people living. It is more flexible and convenient.

Through the above points, it can be seen that the advantage of the prefab house is that it is characterized by fast construction and low cost, and also has unique flexibility and sturdiness, which is favored by the majority of users and is the living condition of the external construction workers.

container home

container house

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