Flat Pack Container Dormitory

K-home have has a worldwide history in high-quality modular construction design-building spanning 1 decade. We include high-quality industries that manufacture modular structures commercially.
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K-home’s prefabricated dormitory is designed with full flexibility and is built in a style that allows all panels to be removed and installed to meet customer needs. The modular dormitory can be individual units or added later to create more space for all your accommodation requirements. After a labor camp location is used, it can be disassembled and flat-packed for future use, whether it is a single container unit or combined into a large container house. All portable accommodations comply with ISO requirements, including robust galvanized frames.

Shipping to anywhere in the world, these camp living houses are packaged at the factory and then packed in suitable transportation equipment for direct transportation to the workplace. These buildings arrive at the site together with all the components required for a complete installation. Our team can install the building, or it can be assembled by local contractors with the help of complete installation drawings and under the supervision of our experienced technicians.


Characteristics of modular dormitory:

1.Strong steel frames ensure a strong structure.

2. Over the years, it is easy to replace the wall panels with galvanized steel, providing you with an excellent appearance.

3. High quality insulation ensures comfort of the expandable office.

Flat Pack Container Dormitory (4)

Flat Pack Container Dormitory (5)

Flat Pack Container Dormitory (6)

2 Man Container Camp With Bathroom

Container Camp

4 Man Container Camp With Bathroom

Container Camp 2

Single room - Bunk Bed

Container Camp3



Dining Room

Dining Room

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