Expandable Living Container

K-home have has a worldwide history in high-quality modular construction design-building spanning 1 decade. We include high-quality industries that manufacture modular structures commercially.
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Product Details

K-home modular detachable container building system adopts flat packaging, which is  economical, efficient and easy to transport.  It can be used to develop complex multi-storey houses from small to large. The basic modules are 6000x3000mm x 2800mm high and they are completely independent; no foundation or concrete slab is required. After the building is assembled, it can be connected to the local utility.

Considering easy transportation and fast erection time, a modular detachable container building system can be the best choice. Modular containers can be used to create complex multi-story buildings for a wide range of applications.

K-Home flat pack accommodation houses are manufactured and supplied as a complete package, including building structures, all interior and exterior finishes, heavy duty insulated wall panels, insulated ceilings, double glazed PVC windows and secure entry door units, vinyl flooring, ventilation , sockets, switches and lighting. Additional equipment and furniture supply options are available on request.

Expandable Living Container (3)

2 Man Container Camp With Bathroom

Container Camp

4 Man Container Camp With Bathroom

Container Camp 2

Single room - Bunk Bed

Container Camp3



Dining Room

Dining Room