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The container dormitory house is a new type of house with a new concept. It takes environmental protection and economy as the main ideas. It is widely used in temporary construction sites such as drilling rig sites.
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The container dormitory is transformed into a habitable dormitory with abandoned containers. Such cheap and easy-to-relocate dormitories are very popular.

Standard box products are mainly made of galvanized steel frame and new fire wall material, paint, waterproof glue, etc. are used as decorative materials, and the main components are connected by electric welding; the main structure includes fire-resistant sandwich top plate, galvanized steel frame and bottom frame steel Frames, fireproof sandwich wall panels, galvanized steel frame, doors and windows, circuit systems, etc.

The iron box is covered with a steel structure on the top surface of the wall, and the interior can be flexibly decorated. This series can realize the convenience and speed of short-distance and quick installation. The main structure includes four uprights, galvanized steel top plate, bottom frame steel frame, pure steel plate structure of wall panels, doors and windows, circuit system, etc.

The fixed box can better meet the needs of customers with low budget and short construction period. It is a cost-effective sales and rental product.

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