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Container living units has fast and convenient assembly, reusable, beautiful and generous characters. It is the abbreviation of fast assembling house, and it is widely known by people who have been engaged in container mobile house and color steel house industry for a long time. Because the installation of traditional colored steel houses is time-consuming and laborious, and the loss is relatively large when the house is demolished. The emergence of the Container living units solves the disadvantages of the color steel house. The Container living units means that the installation is fast. Three workers can install a house in half day, and the wires, switches, floors, and ceilings are all installed. Yes, you can really move in.

During the new crown period, the use of Leishenshan and Huoshenshan hospitals quickly made the container house into people’s vision. Let me introduce to you


Container house are all integrated and modularized production, and the surface of the frame is painted with a baking process, the paint surface is smoother and more uniform, and has longer durability than traditional liquid spray paint, and the service life can reach 10 years. The four columns and four 4mm thick corner joint of the container house greatly increase the load-bearing capacity of the steel frame. The upper and lower contianer and between two connected container, we put locks on it, so it can be connected more steady.


The container hosue are equipped with hidden drainage gutter, and the roof tile is made of color steel through seaming, which ensures rapid drainage when it rains. After inspection, there is no leakage. Glass wool is sandwiched between the ceiling and the ceiling panel, which is both fireproof and thermal insulation. The wall is made of fireproof color steel sandwich panels with different thicknesses for customers to choose from. In Xinjiang, we generally choose 75mm wall panels, and doors and windows use customized fire doors. Anti-theft window, beautiful and practical. The floor is made of cement fiber pressure board and covered with thermal insulation cotton, which has good strength and high flatness. The plastic floor is covered with a plastic floor, which is very beautiful. Once launched, it has been famous for clients.

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