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Prefabricated dormitory buildings are an important building in school. Sometimes the quantity of the students will increase beyond the expectation and the student dormitory need to be extended. If you use brick and cement building as a dormitory, it is not easy to be reconstructed. If you want...
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Prefabricated container dormitory is a very important building in the engineering construction. However, due to the short period of the project and the control of funds, the concrete building will spend a lot of manpower and time, and generate a lot of construction waste, which will have a bad impact on the environment. At this time, the problem of choosing our k-home mobile hoom can be solved. We k-home The modular home is a kind of fast assembling container house, which can be installed quickly according to the installation documents provided by us in a short time, including the installation of basic wires. Of course, the interior of our box room can also be installed with household appliances, such as air conditioning, refrigerator, etc., like the permanent building. In appearance, the k-home accommodation container is a little different from the permanent building, but the external hanging plate can be installed on the outside of the box room, so it is the same as the traditional building.


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