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Because the construction project cycle is often very long, employees work, accommodation are on the project all the year round. For the convenience of work and life, it is often necessary to build a lot of temporary on site accommodation before the construction project starts, as office area, accommodation area, sanitary area, etc. They can also be quickly dismantled after the project.
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The container camp house is a common temporary residence currently under construction. Its stability and reliability are far higher than that of the traditional prefabricated house. The great feature of the container house is its convenience.

Container camp house is very convenient to transport, especially for some construction units, because their construction sites are often changed, and ordinary mobile houses require repeated disassembly and assembly operations. But if you use a container camp house, you only need to transport it directly to the next construction site by car.

1. It has relatively strong firmness because all the containers are made of steel materials, so it has relatively good shock resistance and deformation resistance.

2. The process requirements of the container camp house are very strict when it is processed, so it has very good sealing ability and will not leak water when it is raining.

3. A very big feature of the container camp house is that it is very easy to transport, as long as it is directly placed on the car, it can be transported to the place to be used. However, if you want to change the location of other container camp house, you must first disassemble it, so that the materials of the mobile house will easily be damaged.

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