Custom Container Homes

Custom Container Homes

Nowadays, more and more people around the world like container construction. At the earliest, there were houses reconstructed from sea containers, which were both durable and durable, and realized the secondary use of used containers.
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Nowadays, more and more people around the world like container construction. The earliest container houses reconstructed from sea containers were both durable and sturdy, and realized the secondary use of second-hand containers. However, there is now a new box-type product K- Home Container house, which is based on the size of the ISO standard shipping containers, and can be assembled into a house like a building block. Such a house can be decorated like a permanent building and is very beautiful.


Standard Container Dimension







Standard Accessory

Steel frame system

Q235 galvanized steel structure

Wall system

50/75/100mm thickness EPS/PU/Rock wool sandwich panel

Window system

PVC window

Door system

Steel door

Floor system

Plywood+ PVC

Electric system

According to house plan or customized

Product characteristics

1. Combination diversification

All standard container house units can be connected horizontally or vertically, and can be placed up to 3 levels at most.

2. Easily move

Each finished container house unit can be easily moved by crane, you can send it directly to the destination by truck, or you can disassemble the container unit. Whichever way your choose, it’s convenient. 

3. Direct admission

After the container homes are completed, you can live in the building directly, without secondary decoration, if you have special need ,you also decorate inside and outside of the wall to make the container building more beautiful.



The container house can be used for any purpose you want, such as temporary construction site office, public toilet, shop, restaurant, hotel, etc.


After selling the product, we can supply installation picture and video, if necessary, we also can send our engineer on site to guide installation.