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Toilets are the product of human civilization. Different areas have different names for toilets, such as toilet, washroom, bathroom, loo, poet'corner, WC, lavatory, etc., so the toilet is very important for people's daily work and life, a good environment.
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Toilets are products of human civilization. Different areas have different names for toilets, such as toilet, washroom, bathroom, loo, poet'corner, WC, lavatory, etc. Therefore toilet is very important for people's daily work and life. The bathroom can make people have a very good working and living mood, and it is more conducive to people to invest in work and life. K-home cabinets are specially designed for outdoor work and temporary construction workers. Of course, they can also be used in some cities and places where you need. It can be assembled on site and is equipped with built-in toilet, squat pool, sink and other permanent building configurations, and a shower can also be placed if needed. When the bathroom is not in use, it can be moved to the next destination to continue to use, which is convenient and economical.





Standard Container Dimension







Standard Accessory

Steel frame system

Q235 galvanized steel structure

Wall system

50/75/100mm thickness EPS/PU/Rock wool sandwich panel

Window system

PVC window

Door system

Steel door

Floor system

Plywood+ PVC

Electric system

According to house plan or customized

Product characteristics

● Structural aspect

The structure is safe and stable, featuring excellent wind resistance, shock resistance, air tightness and sound insulation performance.

● Installation aspect

Easy installation, convenient for mobile relocation, flexible and convenient entry and exit, fast lifting speed, and short construction period.

● Cost aspect

The overall lifting during the relocation with no loss and low relocation costs.

● Appearance

The overall shape is beautiful and generous, high-grade, neat, which can better enhance the user's corporate image.

● Use aspect

The number of rooms can be increased or decreased at any time, which is more flexible and economical than those movable board rooms.



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1.Q: Are you a trading company or manufacturer ?

A: We are a manufactory. Our factory located in Xinxiang City,Henan Province.

2.Q: What's the size of your factory

A: Around 100000 sqm.

3.Q: What is your terms of payment ?

A:30% deposit, 70% balance.

T/T or L/C are acceptable.

4.Q: Could you please design a new and unique modular house for me?

A: Absolutely! We are able to provide you with not only construction scheme and structural drawings, but landscape design! Besides, detailed drawings and 3D models are surely included. One-stop service is our outstanding superiority with no doubt.

5.Q: What should I provide to build a modular house?

A: So easy! Sketch drawing would be a better reference for us. Or you just need to tell us about your requirements, such as the size, purpose and floor of the house. Soon, you will have an amazing design.

6.Q: How could I ensure the cost of building a modular house?

A:Firstly, the designing scheme should be accepted. Then, the kinds of building materials should be confirmed since different types and qualities make various prices. After that, we will send you a detailed quotation.

7.Q:Is modular house stable?

A: Set your hearts at rest! You are completely safe living in prefab container house even if there are hurricanes of 200km/h and 7-grade earthquake outside.

8.Q: What are the advantages of modular house comparing to the traditional building?

A: Better sound insulation, heat insulation, fireproof, earthquake resistance, wind resistance, short construction time, saving time and effort, large available area, strong termite resistance